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Frequently asked Questions

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Do I need council approval for my project?

Generally if there are any exterior or structural changes you will require a Development application from Council.


Will you help me get approval?

Yes, we will handle as much or as little as you require.


My Neighbours have objected to my proposal – What can I do?

In this situation communication is the best. Try to talk to your neighbours and find out what their objection is. It is often a misunderstanding or a very minor change that is required. It is always a good idea to discuss your plans with your neighbours before you submit to Council. This can often save some time and objections.Your neighbours can not object if the plans meet local council and D.C.P. planning guidelines. But if a compromise cannot be found then you have the option to take the matter to the Land and Environment Court. This should be your last resort as mediation is always the best course of action.


Do you comply with current building regulations?

Yes, we have engineers and building certifiers that check the building at different stages throughout construction. We build to the Australian Standards Code.


Can you build from my plan?

Yes we can.


Can you help me with the design of my new home or renovation?

Yes we have an excellent architect and draftsman we regularly work with and Brett can be involved with you throughout the process if need be.


Do I have to organise my own engineer and council approval?

No, we can do all this for you.


How long will my home take to build?

It depends on the site and the complexity of your home. We tailor a schedule for each individual project prior to construction.


How do we know what's included in the price?

We will provide a detailed quotation wich will clearly outline what is allowed for in your building pricing.

Will you accept changes to the plan through the building process? Yes we do. We will look at your request and with the associated costs attached, once you have signed the variation we will act on the change.


Can I do some of the work?

Yes this can be arranged. We will look at exactly what you would like to do yourself and assess each situation individually.


Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes you do. We currently use a Housing Industry Association contract. This will need to be signed by both the client and the builder.


Why do I need an Engineer's stamp on my construction plans?

Without this stamp you cannot be sure the design is structurally sound and will meet both the Building Code of Australia requirements and ultimately be able to with stand varying weathering conditions.


Why do I need to have the job certified at certain stages?

The certifier is there to ensure the construction process is in accordance with good building practice, and to ensure it is safe to occupy. There are certain stages crucial to the inspection process, including concrete slab preparation, brick wall construction and structural wall frames and trusses, as an example.


What do we need to start?

An idea of what you want, how big, how high, preliminary plans or even full working drawings can get you started.

A basic budget figure to work with.

Pick up the phone or send an email and just ask for Brett.

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